Nothing to report

It’s all been a bit quiet. That’s the problem with writing a winter themed book, once winter is over, there isn’t much call for books about winter. And spring is definitely here now. I even saw a daffodil in the garden today!

So, what have I been up to? Well, lots of research and writing of book number two, currently with the working title of “The manor on the moors” which I am now editing frantically. It features a crumbling stately home, a family in decline and a nervous PhD student with a thing for a long-dead artist – “the bad boy of the arts and crafts movement”.

Starting soon, I’m going to be blogging a bit more about places that inspire me. Places are usually the starting points for any story, even before the people who inhabit them. I find a place and think “what kind of person might live here”? and that’s where my stories begin.


I’m going to start with considering the inspiration provided by a recent trip to Walt Disney World, Florida although I will not be using that directly in any of my novels – I suspect the mouse would sue me. it was, however, like walking into a storybook for real! And if you’re wondering about the giant cinammon loaf I’m eating in the photograph – yes, that was at Disney World and no, I didn’t manage to finish it …


This week’s mistakes

Anne of Green Gables was one of my favourite books as a child. One of the things I have always remembered Anne Shirley saying was:

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”


It’s been my writing mantra for a while now. Each day can be both literally as well as metaphorically a blank page, which is good, as every day I find a few new mistakes to make. anne of gg

So, these are the mistakes I have made this week!

  1. I called one of my characters Ellie. I always confuse the names Ellie and Evie (my daughter has friends called both and I can never remember which is which!) Half way through Chapter 6 Ellie went out of a room, and in Chapter 7 she came back in called Evie. That one was easy to solve – I changed both Ellie and Evie into Emma, which for some reason is much easier to remember!
  2. Chapter 13 was just a big mistake from beginning to end. I started it, hated it, deleted it all and started again. I needed a character to show up who had no reason to be in the scene at all, I came up with reason after reason for him to visit, none of them plausible. I was tearing my hair out. I went to bed, woke up the next morning, and realised that if I had him call the heroine’s mobile it meant he didn’t have to be there at all but could still have the conversation. Problem solved (and it’s a good job I’m not writing a historical).
  3. Biggest mistake of all? Apparently it was National Writing Day today and I’d never even imagined there was such a thing. I should have done something to celebrate – some writing, perhaps!